Summer on the Ranch

Summer is on, and the boys are at work. They have one summer school class each week. We want them to stay in the learning mode so it is easier to get back into the swing of school in the fall. The boys are helping Mr. Karber with work projects on the property.

One project is removing the deck around the cabin. They began with little skill with a hammer or nail puller, but they are gaining experience. Slowly, the deck is coming down. One of the boys is learning to operate the little tractor and takes great pride—appropriate pride—in doing well with it.

We go to the YMCA often to give the boys a chance to work out and swim. The boys are also helping with Kids Kamp at River Community Church. They are each doing a great job of helping and serving the children in different events.

We went to youth camp at the Webster Conference Center in Salina on June 27 with the River youth group. It was a good opportunity for the boys to work at building friendships with the other youth in a concentrated time and place.

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