Waiting List Faces

Name: Nadia

Age: 12

Waiting Since: 2010

Personality: Outgoing, funny, friendly

Wants to be a: Cosmetologist

Interests: Playing outside and playing tag

Why I want a mentor: I want someone to do girl things with because my mom isn’t around much.

Name: Ahjking

Age: 10

Waiting Since: 2007

Personality: Confident,
extrovert, funny, talkative

Wants to be a: Police officer

Interests: Playing basketball, going outside, and playing on the computer and xbox

Why I want a mentor: So we can do fun stuff together.

Name: De’Shawnesea

Age: 15

Waiting Since: 2009

Personality: Confident, creative, friendly, talkative

Wants to be a: CNA

Interests: Singing,
dancing, painting nails

Why I want a mentor: I want someone to go places and interact with.

Name: Kegan

Age: 15

Waiting Since: 2007

Personality: Creative, smart, funny, caring

Wants to be a: Pilot or in the military

Interests: Going outside, playing baseball or football, riding bikes

Why I want a mentor: I want a guy to hang out with because I don’t have a father figure or a brother.

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