Summer Mentoring Internship Opportunities

Youth Horizons is looking for interns interested in gaining experience working with at-risk youth. The interns who fill this position should expect to leave with an in-depth understanding of the mentoring department of the organization. In addition, they’ll gain an increased awareness of and experience with at-risk youth, primarily children growing up in fatherless homes. These interns will also receive investment, training, and coaching from staff experienced in working with the organization as well as with at-risk youth and their families.

Interested? Get the details on the Summer Mentoring Internship, and give us a call: (316) 262-8293, ext. 203

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  1. Christina Snyder says:

    I have had some interest in Youth Horizons. I know the summer is over, but I was wondering what kind of opportunities Youth Horizons has for volunteers, either in the office, or in mentoring programs, for 18-year-olds.

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