Kinloch Price Boys Ranch Expansion Donor List

In gratitude to the generosity of so many individuals and organizations who helped make the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch Expansion Project a reality.

Primary Contact
Aaron Lewis
Adam Blackford
Alan Wicks
Alice Stewart
Alison Robbins
Allen Mundy
Allen Sebes
Amanda Shinkle
American Fire Sprinkler
Andale Farmers COOP
Andrew Janzen
Arlyn Smith
ASM Engineering
Beavers Plumbing LLC
Bill Smith
Billy Wingo
Bob Buford
Bob Whiteman
BRC Bearing Company, Inc
Brent Warkentin
Brian Lair
Bruce Bodecker
Byron Stout
C & C Guttering
C&R Keys
Carl Brown
Carolyn Bell
Carolyn Harms
Catherine Williams
Cecil Riney
Cecil Rogers
Central Christian Church
Charles Bowman
Charles Harley
Charles Loop
Charles Rice
Cheryl D Cordry Trust
Chris Fox
Chris Stephens
Christine W Kubik
Claremont Realty & Mgnt
Clifford Glover
Clifford Helms
Coleman Materials
Corrine Becker
Craig Curry
Cristi Howell
Dale Lewis
Dale Roberts
Daniel Kilby
Darren Decker
David and Beth Perkins
David Anders
David Mann
David Mitchell
David Sollo
Debbie Custer
Deborah Fleming
Dee Moxley
Dick and Ann Lamb
Dick Sanders
Donald B Tener
Donald Friesen
Donna Berry
Donovan Moore
Dorothy Mae Alexander
Dottie Koeppen
Doug Janssen
Douglas Riney
Duane Gale
Earnest Alexander
Eck Evans
Eric Hogan
Esther Cummins
Esther Whiteman
Evan Wilson
Fleming Feed & Grain Co.
Fred Erdman
Fred Stockstill
Gale Engels
Gatewood Family Foundation
Gayathri Chandrasekaran
Gene Myers
George Cowan
Goebel Family Star Lumber Charity
Gregory Wellborn
Harold Bohm
Herbert Lenz
HTI Painting
Intrust Wealth Management
Jack and Christy Newland
Jack Fisher
Jake Theis
James and Freida Andrews
James Graf
James Reeves
Janet Arnold
Janice Farmer
Jeff Beedy
Jeff Janusz
Jeff Watkins
Jeff Watkins Painting
Jeffrey Leonard
Jerry D Lilley Rev. Trust
Jerry Lilley
Jim Bartel
Jim Givens
Jim White
Jo and Ronald Willford
Joan Dunn
Joe Hudson
John and Holly Taylor
John Brooks
Jolene Atkins
Jon & Tarenda Casimir
Jon Benigas
Jonas Helander
Joseph Botinelly
Joy Eakins
Juanita Bowman
Julie Rinke
Justin and Paula Conner
Justin Mueller
Kandace Jones
Kansas Health Foundation
Karen Eckhardt
Kary Rutschman
Katherine Lewis
Katherine Miller
Keith & Betty Hartman
Kenneth Paxton
Kent Grier
Kevin and Kristi Bleich
Kevin Henderson
Kevin Vickers
Kristine Bishop
Larry and Alice Thompson
Larry Foster
Larry Staton
Leah Howell
Lee Owens
Leigh Breitenstein
Leland Mayo
LouAnn Hansen
Manfred Menking
Marcia Crawford
Mark Hutton
Mark Hutton Irrevocable Trust
Marvin Rink
Marvin Scarbrough
Mary Jo Hunninghake
Mary Norman
Mary Van Arsdale
Melissa Duncan
Michael & Floetta Harvey
Michelle Henderson
Muriel Ann Walpole
Nancy Graham
National Christian Foundation
Neal Evangelical Free Church
Nicholas & Laura Jones
Palmyra Baptist Church
Pathway Church
Patricia Rank
Paul and Nancy Brucks
Paul Longhofer
Paula Rhoads
Pete Miller
Pleasantview Baptist Church
Randall Fishel
Randall White
Raymond & Margaret Brown
Rebecca Melsoni
Rebecca Ott
Reginald Boothe
Rhonda Roth
Richard Coe
Richard Daeschner
Riverlawn Christian
Robert and Nancy Love
Robert Rasberry
Roger & Susan Brown
Roland Krause
Ron Coppock
Ronald Allenbach
Ronald D. Ryan Living Trust
Schammerhorn, Inc.
Scott Garrison
Seeders Inc.
Shari Edwards
Sharon Bishop
Stacee Hendrickson
Stacy Lacy
Stan Achilles
Stephen McCloskey
Stephen Mizak
Steve and Anita Chartier
Steve Brown
Steven Kelly
Susan Lentz
Susan Shaw
Suzanne Long
Terry McMillen
Thayne Thompson
Tim Dudte
Timothy Buchanan
Tina Baldwin
Tobias Williams
Todd and Brandi Breth
Tom Dean
Val Brown
Vic Coats
Vonda Wilson
Walter Ramsour
William Graham Oil Company


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