July Newsletter – Rumsey Scholarship Award


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July Newsletter 2017 – Awards Party and Cookie Contest


On June 1st we had our annual Awards Party where protégés set and met life skill, spiritual/service, and academic goals with the guidance of their mentors.

We had a great turn out of close to 200 in attendance.  This party was made possible by the generosity of Countryside Christian Church and volunteers.  THANK YOU!


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Letter from Earnest – July 2017

Recently I have been sending you examples of correspondence from some of the young men who have lived in our residential program.  I share these with you because I think that it helps you to know how to pray along with us for the kids that we are serving.

I find it hard to dismiss boys from the program and while you may find this difficult to believe it is a bit of a challenge for me to let them come back into the program.  Partly because the damage they have inflicted upon staff and property it is such that we have to work for months to replace, fix and sometimes even rebuild damaged property to say nothing of the wounded hearts.  But then we are reminded of the number of times that each of us has gone back to the Lord as how He has with mercy and compassion received us every time.  Now we can’t always let some come back but when we can, we do.

Thank you for all that you do to help us make those repairs, rebuild broken down walls and furniture.  Thank you for the prayers that you pray for our wounded hearts as we are frequently subjected to their insults and threats.  Some of the staff has even known physical assault but we stay the course.

Please read this letter from a 12 year old who was involved in over $8,000 dollars worth of property damage asking to be readmitted to the boy’s ranch.  Please pray for us and for him as he is given a second chance:

Mr. Josh & Mr. Earnest

I know what I did was bad more than bad, unacceptable. I can assure it won’t happen again.  The reason I want to come back is because it felt like a home there. Also there was a lot of support.  I hate school and the school system was fun and easy. I laughed everyday and had fun. I really just want to come back if it’s possible. You all felt like family. I don’t know what else to say other than I want to come back.

You have my gratitude,

Your brother in Christ,


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June Newsletter 2017 – Mentoring


We currently have 33 children who are waiting for someone to mentor them.  It only takes a couple hours a week to make a huge impact on a child’s life!  Please join our New Mentor Orientation on June 26th. There is no obligation to become a mentor if you attend. We would love to see you here.  Please call 316-262-8293 if you can attend or have any questions.

TARA and YAYA               ERICK and CORBIN       NATE and RITO

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Newsletter June 2017


Kice Industries donated several new games to Youth Horizons.  We had a fun game night on April 24th with close to 40 people in attendance.  We played board games, basketball, air hockey, pool, foosball and so much more. The game rooms were filled with laughter and joy!   An event like this provides an opportunity for kids on the Waiting List to spend time with caring adults, protégés & mentors to connect and for potential mentors to get involved.

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Letter from Earnest – June 2017

Today as I write to you I want to share a letter from a former resident of our Kinloch Price Boys Ranch Residential Home. If you are on the sidelines watching as we serve at-risk children you could very quickly become discouraged when you realize how many kids initially reject what you are offering, and how ungrateful and extremely angry they are.  Sometimes you are tempted to just throw up your hands and walk away.  But after almost 40 years of serving kids I realize that you have to be in it for the long haul. You sow the seeds today and invest all that you can in them while they are listening. After they’ve gone their way you pray for the day when they will reconsider what you had to say.

The following letter came to me three years after this child was carried away in a police car denouncing God, us, and everything that is true. But all is not lost – read his letter and then pray for him as he is ready to hear from God.

“Dear Mr. Earnest,  

            When I saw that I had a letter from you, I was brought to tears. I had honestly thought that Youth Horizons had forgotten about me.  This experience has honestly made me a better person overall. I am not going to sit here and lie to you; I have strayed so far off the path of God it’s just pitiful. I am still a believer. I just feel that after what I did to end up here at KJCC, that I am not worthy of God. I never go to church anymore, I go to Bible study for the food, and I just feel terrible about it, but I can’t help it sometimes. I know I am just feeding into the devil’s negativity and that’s not good. I just need prayer. I need someone like yourself to just listen to my ranting and raving. Right now it seems that my life is one big lie. I keep telling people (my family) that I go to church and Bible study, but it’s all lies. I hate it, but I don’t want to look like a bad person. I look at you and I see one of the best, most respectable people I know, and you make it look so easy.  Help me get back on the path of God please. I need some “Jesus in my life.”  I will try my best to be courageous and kind, I will keep you in my prayers.”

You have my gratitude,

Your brother in Christ,                                                                                                      

Earnest Alexander


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June Newsletter 2017 – Graduates





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June Newsletter 2017 – Basketball Court


The Kinloch Price Boys Ranch now has a beautiful basketball/tennis court thanks to support from a wonderful Foundation and you!  This court will give the boys the opportunity to get outside and burn off some energy, learn to be team players, build their confidence, and set guidelines for achieving goals on the court – but more importantly in life.



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Christmas in July

It’s the middle of summer, but we’re busy planning the 2016 Christmas Benefit Concert. This year’s concert will be held Nov. 28 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The larger venue will allow for one concert night – and lots of space for an exciting event!

Sponsorship and corporate participation opportunities are available. Please contact Amy at 316-262-8293 x. 206, or amy@youthhorizons.net for more information.

Make sure to save the date now! We look forward to seeing you there!

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From the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch

Thanks to Gear Up, the boys at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch heard Wil Haygood speak at Wichita State University last month.

Haygood, author of “The Butler – a Witness to History” which was made into a film in 2013, is a former Upward Bound student. The boys appreciated the time with the author.

The majority of the boys also had the opportunity to attend Super Summer 2016 at Webster Conference Center in Salina. Please join us in praying that the Lord would use that time in their lives.

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