June Newsletter 2017 – Graduates





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June Newsletter 2017 – Basketball Court


The Kinloch Price Boys Ranch now has a beautiful basketball/tennis court thanks to support from a wonderful Foundation and you!  This court will give the boys the opportunity to get outside and burn off some energy, learn to be team players, build their confidence, and set guidelines for achieving goals on the court – but more importantly in life.



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Christmas in July

It’s the middle of summer, but we’re busy planning the 2016 Christmas Benefit Concert. This year’s concert will be held Nov. 28 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The larger venue will allow for one concert night – and lots of space for an exciting event!

Sponsorship and corporate participation opportunities are available. Please contact Amy at 316-262-8293 x. 206, or amy@youthhorizons.net for more information.

Make sure to save the date now! We look forward to seeing you there!

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From the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch

Thanks to Gear Up, the boys at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch heard Wil Haygood speak at Wichita State University last month.

Haygood, author of “The Butler – a Witness to History” which was made into a film in 2013, is a former Upward Bound student. The boys appreciated the time with the author.

The majority of the boys also had the opportunity to attend Super Summer 2016 at Webster Conference Center in Salina. Please join us in praying that the Lord would use that time in their lives.

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Investment and Award

Mentoring Awards PartyInvestment what really matters is the way to leave a legacy.

That’s the legacy of Richard and Lorie Rumsey – a legacy that was honored at the Mentoring Awards Party last month.

Mr. and Mrs. Rumsey supported the event financially for many years. Their generosity helped develop the event and allowed it to increase in scope. Every year, the Rumseys would attend and enjoy meeting and connecting with matches.

Last year though, Richard was not able to attend due to health concerns. Just a few days after that Awards Party, he passed away. A few weeks after his homegoing, Youth Horizons received a check he wrote to cover this year’s party. His faithfulness in supporting the event extended even to the middle of his health concerns. A few months after her husband’s passing, Lorie followed him to Heaven.

The Rumseys lived out their belief that investing in people’s lives – what truly matters – is the way to leave a real legacy.

Making a markMentors and protégés were awarded prizes for accomplishing goals they had set earlier this year. Prizes were provided by the following sponsors: Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, Twisted Java Coffee Bar, Glow Golf Wichita, Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex, O.J. Watson Park, Fireshark Gaming, Chick-Fil-A West Wichita, Kwik Shop, and Taco Bell.

The event was held at Countryside Christian Church and was attended by 215 mentors, protégés, family members, and guests. It included dinner, a cookie contest, recognition of matches’ accomplishments, and a time to honor graduates.

You can find more pictures from the event on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/YouthHorizons.

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Letter from Earnest: July 2016

Is Your Name on a List? People Who Most Remind Me of Jesus

 Earnest AlexanderThis has nothing to do with money. It is true that all of the people in my list in some way support this organization, but their greatest contribution has been that of friendship.

 I’m a very rich man, in that I have more friends than either this article or the entire newsletter could contain. Not everyone can say this. There are countless millions who while away the hours in their ivory towers, wishing they had someone they could trust and talk to.

I want to assure you my list is just a few of the dear and loyal friends I have been blessed with. I’m taking the time to tell you this so that you will all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we now know as “Youth Horizons” has been built on the backs and with the hearts of these individuals—and so many more. Most of you probably didn’t even know that these individuals have played a key part in motivating me to stay the course.

From the 704 names in my current contact list, I wanted to mention a few who have taught me specific life lessons in meaningful ways.

Harriett Price reminded me that timid people are not good fund-raisers. Martha Buford taught me that prayer is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. Jeff Wenzel assured me that with God everything is possible. Terry Williams has taught me the true value of a loyal friend.

Some of the people who are on my list have gone on to receive their reward on high; others are still laboring in the vineyard with me. But greatest ambition for all of us still on this earth is that we would finish well.

Is your name on a list of trusted friends or of people you would suffer—and possibly die for? Don’t make it your ambition to get your name on one of these lists—make it your ambition to know and love God and you will make His love known to others. Perhaps when your life here is spent, someone will mention that you were on his or her list in a good and positive way.

In closing, there are a lot of children who need mentors, a lot who need foster parents, a lot who just need to be listened to. All of us need to be prayed for. If you can help in a monetary way—after you have paid your tithe to your local church—Youth Horizons would be grateful for your help.

Your friend and comrade,

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Meet Emilia!



Meet Emilia! She’s 12 years old, and would love to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Besides her interest in animals, she also loves reading and art. She’d like a mentor so she can have someone to help her with her homework, and to take her to places like the zoo. Emilia is one of 37 kids who are waiting for a caring, adult mentor. Call us at 316-262-8293, or go HERE for more information about how you can make a difference in the life of one of these kids.


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Measuring Progress

“True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice.”
St. Francis of Assisi

Some seasons—more so than others – pass by with easily recognizable milestones. At those times, it’s easy to track progress and growth against the backdrop of changing surroundings.

Other seasons are much different. The mountain you are trying to reach seems perpetually out of reach and try as you may, it’s just not getting any closer.

Tristan, Matt, and Matt's family

Tristan, Matt, and Matt’s family

For the matches in our mentoring program, and the boys at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch – there have been both big and small milestones this spring.

Mentoring match, Matt and Tristan, along with Matt’s family, made a milestone memory last month. They spent time finishing at the Blue Sky Ranch and got quite the catch!



2016 Bingo Night

2016 Bingo Night

It was Bingo Night at the Youth Horizons office last month. The event was a good opportunity for matches to spend time together in a fun setting, with some great prizes! The evening was facilitated by the youth group of Calvary Chapel.

We continue to seek candidates for additional staff at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. We are looking for a family coaching couple, overnight staff, cook and a case manager. You can find more about those positions HERE.

The boys applied themselves well in school this year, and the partnership with the Valley Center School District continues. This year also marked the switch from street clothes to a school uniform. From all of us at Youth Horizons, thank you to the supporter who made that switch possible.

We are confident we will continue to see the Lord work this summer. We pray you do as well.

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Letter from Earnest: June 2016

Earnest AlexanderSharing at a staff meeting at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch last month, I had an overwhelming thought.

So many of the good people working there took jobs with enthusiasm and commitment. They discovered during the last six months to a year, how extremely challenging it is to work with underprivileged and disadvantaged youth. I know as I look at them – that is, the staff – and as I listen to them, many of them feel they are in a war zone.

Frequently, it looks as though the enemy is winning. I think to myself, after doing this for nearly 40 years, how difficult it must be for these young people. They love Jesus. They want to make His love known. Even though we have worked diligently to help them understand what it is they are committing to, no words can adequately prepare them for the road to Calvary, the Via Dolorosa, the way of suffering.

That day at staff meeting, I shared with them that their suffering in this mission field is part of God’s plan. They can go all the way to Calvary, they can die to self on the cross of sacrifice, but it has to be done willingly. It’s not easy to succumb to the death of one’s own ambition, desires, and pleasures – especially for the sake of an ungrateful child who would just as soon spit and cuss you out as to look at you.

It’s easy to ask yourself, “How could God as me to submit to this for the sake of a child?”

It’s easy to ask yourself, “How could God ask me to submit to this for the sake of a child?”

It’s not for a child, but for yourself, your own personal being. It’s a clear picture of sacrifice that gives one an indication of your love and commitment to Jesus Christ.

Many years ago when we were given the original Martin House, I – along with several friends – found myself cleaning up cat poop from the previous owners time in the house. I was completely disgusted.

As I found myself on my knees cleaning up the mess, I realized it was worth it for the sake of the Gospel and the opportunity to share it with a child.

Don’t be discouraged in well doing. After a while, you will reap – if you faint not (Gal. 6:9). Please pray for us, and pray with us for our children. When you can, please give.

Your brother,

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Letter from Earnest: May 2016

Earnest AlexanderRecently I had a dream that was a very powerful and moving experience. In it, I found myself at a conference for broken and at-risk children. A woman participating in the conference came to me to complain about some of the children we had brought with us. While she was speaking, one of the boys walked by me. She proceeded to berate him—denouncing and threatening.

The child she had accosted was a boy in our care. He looked very young for his age because he had been horribly abused and malnourished. He was a little black boy who had been adopted, but the relationship failed, so he ended up in state custody.

As I began to speak to him in my dream, he took off running and yelling, “Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!”

Finally I caught him and got down on my knees to speak to him face-to-face. I grabbed him and held him tight—not in a disciplinary action, but in an attempt to calm him.

I said to him, “I’m just trying to love you. I want to help you.”

He yelled back, “I don’t want your love. I don’t need you! I don’t trust you! No one else wants me–why are you going to want me?!”

He continued to yell, “Let me go! Let me go!”

The strange thing was, as he was yelling, “Let me go!” he was clinging to me with all of his might.

I awoke from that dream, shaking with emotion and exhausted. I can still see the image of this child in my mind.

What’s worse, in our mentoring and residential programs, we have boys and girls with whom we’ve had encounters like this—but we keep loving them. I need you to pray we will be strengthened in our ability to continue to love them, and ultimately that they will come to believe.

Frequently children try to push us away, but if we could see into their souls, we know they are really saying, “Please love me. Please forgive me. Please help me.”

Don’t just love your children when they’re good. Don’t speak to them only to correct them, but also to articulate affection and show that you genuinely care for them.

Remember, we’re on a “Treasure Hunt!”

Your friend,

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