Tax Credit

Youth Horizons was awarded an excellent opportunity from the Kansas Department of Commerce with the award of $120,000 in a tax credit grant.

If you are a Kansas taxpayer, you are eligible to receive 7o% of your donation amount as a credit on your Kansas income taxes. For example, if you make a $1000 donation, you would receive a $700 credit on your Kansas income taxes. Your CPA wil be able to more clearly define the benefits of this opportunity. You can find more information about the Kansas Department of Commerce tax credit program by visiting their website.

In order to receive the maximum  benefit of this grant, we need to raise approximately $40,000. Contributions can be as small as $250 or as large as you wish to give.

All of the money donated will be used to help us complete projects at the Boys Ranch.

If you have questions please give us a call us at 316-262-8293.

Browse through the photos of projects at the Kinloch-Price Boys Ranch that would be facilitated by tax credit grant funds:

Tear down old cabin

Surfacing of the road

Renovation of sewer

Perimeter fence repair

Interior barn lighting

Irrigation system

Landscape lawn 1

Landscape lawn 2

Five acre fence corral

Complete interior of barn 1

Complete interior of barn 2

Concrete work inside barn