This page contains a brief profile of all the children on our waiting list. Use the search functionality on the right of this page to view children waiting by age, gender, or area of town.

Jason L.

Jason webInterests: Video games, drawing, soccer, baseball, and sports.

Why I want a mentor: Seems like fun and my sister has a lot of fun with her mentor at school.

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Recent Caleb webInterests: Playing golf as much as possible, movies, eating, and going to hockey games.

Why I want a mentor: I get bored at home and I know that I need a dad figure around.

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Cholena WebInterests: Playing outside, swinging, Minecraft, playing phone games

Why I want a mentor: I’ve never had one before

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Rolando WebInterests: Video games, ninja turtles, being outside

Why I want a mentor: To make vines in the backyard

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Mason webInterests: Monster Trucks, Foosball, baseball, air hockey, roller skating

Why I want a mentor: To have fun with and to play Monster Trucks with.

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Jeremiah webInterests: Parkour, football, baseball, soccer, video games

Why I want a mentor: When I am bored or mad, he can make me happy

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Emilia WebsiteInterests: Reading, coloring, art, animals

Why I want a mentor: To have someone to help with homework and to take me places like the zoo

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Malaysha WebInterests: Shopping, Frozen games, pretend play, painting her nails

Why I want a mentor: So I can have fun

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Kizzaryja WebsiteInterests: Coloring, playing outside, watching TV

Why I want a mentor: It seems fun

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Maddy WebsiteInterests: Art, karate, gymnastics, getting toys

Why I want a mentor: I like to play outside with friends


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