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Brad Welles – Marliek’s mentor

“I’m a Christian business man in Wichita and I feel like the business environment has prepared me and other business-minded people to mentor at-risk children in the area. The flexibility that being in business requires has taught me how to find time and creativity to be friends with Marliek. We fish, we play catch, we pursue friendship with each other.

“Not having a father is a sad regular occurrence in our society. I befriended Marliek years after his father passed away. Marliek is not the only recipient of a gift in this friendship; he has handed me the adventure of being a kid all over again!

“I’m a bottom- line oriented guy. I’ve seen the evidence. I know mentoring works toward helping fatherless children avoid the painful pitfalls of life. I know that stepping into a child’s life this way helps them to live out the potentials God has given them.”

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