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Kristin Mehler – Monique’s mentor

“The summer before I started mentoring I was doing a camp in California for inner city kids; I developed a real connection with some girls there.  I saw what kids were going back to and I wanted to be a part of preventing kids from going astray.  My small group leader encouraged me in that direction.

“Being friends with Monique is so fun; our personalities are perfect for each other.  I was afraid I would have to baby-sit, but it’s been a blast.  I haven’t had to keep her talking; she talks plenty on her own.  We have inside jokes, we always go to Quik Trip, and we get drinks from the Quik Trip hot drink recipe book—stupid little stuff like that.  Mentoring is easier than you think.

“My hope for her is that she’d see there’s something bigger for her.  She’s wrapped up in this lifestyle that you know your goal is to finish high school, and I know that her mom has bigger ambitions.  But more than that I want her to see what life with Christ is like, even over success, even over higher education and good jobs.

“Mentoring is not just a commitment, or some heavy whole-year hardship.  Once you do it you find out that the kids are so fun.  Basically, you’re gaining another friend.”

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