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Mentoring Summer Bash & BBQ

The Youth Horizons mentoring program celebrated summer with the Summer Bash & BBQ on June 26, 2011. The event was hosted by Riverlawn Christian Church. Volunteers from Riverlawn, First Community Church and River Community Church helped to manage the fun. Activities for the day included kickball, relay races, soccer, capture the flag, and a water balloon toss. The Summer Bash & BBQ is one of several events held by Youth Horizons to give mentors and their proteges a fun and special place to spend time with one another. For more information about becoming a mentor, contact Rodney Bartlett at

Check out some photos and videos of the fun!

A protege eats a pickle during the food-eating relay race. She got lucky--other foods that she might have blindly chosen included pickled eggs and Vienna sausages!

A boy plays kickball. Proteges and their mentors played together on teams.

Earnest observes the fun. It was a hot day, but it was such a good time.

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