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Jerry’s Story: a note from Earnest Alexander

You’re never too old to have a positive impact on a child. Even a brief encounter with children holds the potential for immeasurable positive impact.

Jerry was a woman in her 50s. While climbing the Rocky Mountains, she came upon two young children, crying. She stopped to ask what was wrong. The young girl told Jerry that her parents were getting a divorce. She and her brother were very upset. Jerry spent the rest of the day with them. Years later, she often wondered how they were doing. Eventually, 45 years passed. Then one day, she got a letter that said, “I hope you are the Jerry that I encountered on the side of a mountain on a very dismal day in my life. If you are, I simply want to thank you for the time you gave my brother and me. Your wisdom helped us to go on. I am now a grandmother. I am a better mother and grandmother because I met you for a few hours one day.”

Will you ever hear a testimony like that about the time you took to share your life and faith with a child? Some Christians never have the privilege of leading a person to Christ. That’s bad enough. Many Christians have no burden to share their Christian experience with others. That’s even worse. Consider the lives you will touch just today. Will someone make a better choice because of something you did to show them the light?

I want to invite you to be a part of what we’re doing here at Youth Horizons. We covet your prayers. Perhaps you can give monetarily or give time to a child. I ask for your help with confidence because we serve the least of these, and you know that God’s heart breaks for them. Thank you for the part you play in helping us bring them some relief.

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