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KPBR Goes to camp

The boys help Mr. Karber work with the tractor when they are back at the ranch.

Summer is in full swing for the boys at the Kinloch-Price Boys Ranch. We just got back from five days with their youth group at Super Summer in Salina, Kan. The boys spent time with peers in a close and busy week. This allowed them to make new friends and deepen friendships with some of the kids they already knew. There were over 70 kids in their youth group with them, and it was really nice to see how each of the boys were impacted by the experience.

The boys got to compete in Bringing Leaders and Students Together (B.L.A.S.T.) games. They had opportunities to try confidence courses and different sports, and they had some free time to spend swimming or playing other games with friends. They also were exposed to some great biblical and life teaching.

We have seen a difference in the boys upon returning from the camp. They now relate differently with each other, with peers and with authority figures. They seem to have a greater appreciation of those around them. One boy even asked if it was possible to stay longer than one week. It seems as if this experience has helped them understand—at least in the back of their minds—that they are people of worth, and others will like them just for who they are. They are and can be loved. Please pray for that to ring true in their hearts.

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