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New House to Open at the Kinloch-Price Boys Ranch

The second home at KPBR is completed and ready for eight new residents.

The Kinloch Price Boys Ranch (KPBR) exists as a home to boys when living at home or in a foster home has been unsuccessful. The ranch is located on the northern outskirts of Wichita and serves boys ages 10-22.

Life at the boys ranch is patterned after a normal, healthy home. A maximum of eight boys and a professionally trained married couple, called a family coaching couple, live in each home.

We apply behavioral principles to teach life skills, like home management, personal finance and job skills. The boys also learn to build appropriate relationships and to develop self-discipline. Each boy is taught the skills needed to succeed as an adult member of the community.

Until now, there was only one operating home on the ranch. We are pleased to announce that we hope to open the second home this month. That means that we will be equipped to serve eight more boys! We are thrilled by this opportunity, but we need your help to get the home ready for its new residents. We will need to furnish the bedrooms, upstairs commons area, bathrooms, family room, kitchen and living room. The sooner we get the house furnished, the sooner we can begin receiving the new residents.

There are two ways that you can help us furnish the second house at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch:

1. Buy individual items from our Target registry list.

The Target List items are for the kitchen and the five bathrooms at the new house. Items range from $5-$250. All are available online, and many
will be available in Target stores. Items can be delivered in person to the Youth Horizons office or may be sent directly to Youth Horizons when you order online.

2. Sponsor a room:

Bedroom (6)- $1000

Upstairs Commons- $3,000

Living Room- $3000

If you are interested in sponsoring a room, please call us at 316-262-8293 and ask for Amy Jo Johnson or e-mail us at

Thank you for being willing to partner with Youth Horizons. Together with you, we will be able to make a difference in the lives of eight new young men. Remember—we hope to open the second home to new residents by the end of September. Please act soon if you intend to buy items from the Target registry or if you’d like to sponsor a room. Two of the bedrooms and the family room have already been sponsored! We are thrilled and overwhelmed by your support. You make a huge difference!

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