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Thanks from Earnest

Thank you, my friends, for your many letters, notes, cards and
memorial gifts. Many of you know that my 36-year-old adopted son, Ty, was killed on Jul. 19 while driving a truck for his work. It has been difficult coming to grips with it, working through the regrets and taking comfort in the promises from God’s word.

Ty was a good son—he had his share of challenges, but he loved his four children very much. I’m pleased to say he also loved me. Today he is with the Lord. I ask you to continue to pray for me and my grandchildren.
I do want to say to all of you that every one of you who have prayed, volunteered and given to this ministry had a positive impact on Ty’s life. You can celebrate with me knowing that he lives in a better place where he can see God in the face. We have helped many, many children over the years. There are still quite a few to be helped.

This fall, we hope to open the second group home. I hope you will continue to be a part of what we are doing. You have my love and gratitude.

Your brother,

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  • William Morrison

    Reply October 10, 2011 7:57 am

    Hello Earnest My Brother, your beautiful voice still carries the Holy Spirit, your deeds are wonderful and of our Lord. Just a quick hello from 1979, the summer of Song and Praise, It truely is awesome to see where the Lord has led you. Always your brother, not so young anymore and not so full of himself either, William and his french horn.

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