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Paintball Guns at KPBR

The Kinloch-Price Boys Ranch now has several paintball guns. The boys in the
residential program have been enjoying them out on the land, and we intend to extend the opportunity for mentors to bring their protégés out to the ranch to use them too.

Any mentor who is interested in taking his or her protégé paintballing at the ranch should contact Rodney Bartlett for details at or 316-262-8293, ext. 203.

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  • Charles Dyson

    Reply November 23, 2011 10:57 pm

    Rodney_ I am interested in taking several boys to ranch for paintball. Can I take Martin, Alonozo, Martin’s friend, two of my grandchildren. I would like to do this on a Saturaday in December. Is is possible? Thanks, Chuck P.S. Also what is the cost?

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