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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas! Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Think about it. Can’t you feel it?

Have you ever been to the airport at this time of the year? People are moving, heading around the world, rushing home for Christmas. Mom will be busy preparing all her favorite recipes. Dad will be out in the garage, putting together presents. People are traveling north, south, east and west because they want to go home and be with those they love.

The spirit of generosity permeates everything. People who, for some reason, are so busy at most times of the year tend to stop and think and care at this time. Why do they care? Why do they think? Because they recognize how good God has been to them. He has shared His most precious gift with them. He has done that for them, and He will do it for you too.

He knows that you are there alone, tears running down your face, no one to embrace. Your house is not aglow with the excitement and anticipation of Christmas. In fact, you even dread it.

This Christmas, I invite you to come with me. Come to the manger of 2000 years ago. Come, come to the cross. Go past that to the throne room, and there with me, bow before Him. Worship the King of generosity, the Lord of love, the Spirit of hope. Come with me and worship Christ the Lord.

During this holiday season, we will all have many opportunities to worship. My hope is that we will allow our acts of worship to be opportunities of service. While we may not have all the things we want, most of us have all that we need.

As you give during this holiday season, give out of a heart of gratitude and praise. Give as though you were giving to God Himself, and worship in your giving. This is a great time for year-end giving, and we would be grateful for your help.

With gratitude,

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