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A Letter From Earnest

As we move through life, we come across images that evoke stimulating thought. Images like the sequoias in northern California and some of the ancient oak trees in the south. What is interesting is where they started. In many instances they are many hundreds of years old, but they all have their origin as a seed planted in fertile earth.

The children we serve are very much like this. Today one might be a pine nut or an acorn but many years down the road they could possibly be a great and mighty tree. Over the last year, I’ve run across several young men–some as teenagers, some as adults in the professional world–all having in common that they were all at one time protégés in our mentoring program.

I Corinthians 3:6 refers to Apollos and Paul–one sowed and one watered, but God made their seeds grow. I think about you all supporting this ministry. Many of you do it because you love kids. I am happy to say that some of you do it because you love me. However, our efforts would be in vain if God did not bless it and cause it to grow. Most of you will never know the names and faces of the children you have helped. Your volunteering, your praying and your financial contributions will ultimately lead some children to greatness. Perhaps someday one of these kids will end up being the President of the United States, being a great surgeon, pastoring a local church, or even becoming the next generation’s Billy Graham.

As we end the year, I ask you to please help us to finish well financially. Even if you have already given this year, consider if you can do a little more. Please help us so that we might end the year in the black and have something with which to start the year 2012.

With love,

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