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Letter from Earnest – March 2012

James 1:23 and 24 is a passage that I am thinking of as I write to you today; in conjunction with Proverbs 12:9 where it says “Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant, than pretend to be somebody and have no food.” Both of these references address our inappropriate and sometimes disillusioned opinions of ourselves.

I, myself, have been humbled as I pondered these two references and I am convinced that one of the greatest challenges in life is to have a healthy and appropriate opinion concerning our person. Too high of an opinion or too low of an opinion all clearly point to the fact that we are thinking too often of ourselves. The only hope for a healthy and balanced life is to keep our faces in the word of God. It is wrong for people to treat us as though we are nobodies; it’s just as wrong to think that we are better than any one else. As I deal with the boys in the residential program, I am frequently amazed at the poor image they have of themselves. They don’t know who they are in Christ. Sometimes I forget who I am in Christ. But when I remember who I am in Christ, no ones low opinion of me can diminish me in any capacity. However, if I don’t know who I am in Christ, no ones high opinion of me can elevate me from my low estate. Speak a word of encouragement to somebody. Speak a word of life to a child and for your own sake; look deeply into God’s word so that you may remember who you are in Christ.

The first few months of the year are very hard on us. Please speak a word of prayer for us and if you can give – thank you. If you can pray – thank you. If you can volunteer – thank you.

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