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A Letter from Earnest

Earnest AlexanderBecause you care and sacrifice to help us help kids, I thought you would appreciate these two letters which were written unsolicited.  It encourages me to know that we are making a difference.  I confess to you though, that at times I forget this and find myself in the valley of despair, but then a child takes the initiative to write a word of encouragement and it’s enough to motivate me to get up and carry on.  Please continue to pray for us.  Most of you know that the summer is difficult financially but the work goes on.  When we have the means to provide for salary for the staff, it takes some of the pressure off of us.  Thank you for your part in helping us help these for whom Christ died.

Dear Team:

I write this letter to thank you for allowing me back into this home. Even when inside we, including me, have said “no more.” I see how God loves everyone who walks into this program through you.  I want to be like you all.  Earnest – because he has a heart full of gold, a warm smile and a bear hug like no guy I know and he knows how to give.  Paul – because he can be stern, is funny and is a great guy to be around – except for his singing…ha, ha.  Jerry and Sonya – because they try their best at everything big or small.  Jared – because, well let’s say, he’s like Paul.  Finally, last but not least…Brian.  He is a little like Paul, except sterner.  I thank God for all of you!  For stepping in my way and saying no more “you can’t live like this in the real world” – I thank you and God for that, because I am almost out there in the real world.

Thanks for listening!


Dear Earnest:

I am so sorry that I let you down and broke your trust.  I thank you for all you have done for me.  You are the best man I’ve met and sometimes I think what it would be like if you were my real dad.  I love you and I’m sorry I disappointed you and in time I hope you can forgive me and I can earn your trust back and be the man you and God want me to be.

Your son,

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