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Paintball Fun at the Boy’s Ranch

On July 14th Youth Horizon’s mentors and kids participated in our first ever paintball tournament. It was a hot day but all the boys endured the heat for the privilege to pelt another person with a paintball! In addition to paintball we also offered those in attendance a chance to shoot BB guns and to try their hand at archery. There were 45 people that participated in the event and we were grateful that there were no serious injuries. All of those that participated had a fun time.

You might be asking yourself why would a Christian mentoring program host a paintball tournament? What does paintballing have to do with mentoring? The answer is really simple – to provide an opportunity for fun. The groundwork for any lasting friendship is having fun together. One of the motto’s that Earnest has for us at Youth Horizons is “win a child’s heart and you can speak to their souls” What is a sure fire way to win a boy’s heart? Have fun with him by putting a loaded paintball gun in his hand and ask him to shoot his opponent.

If you have considered mentoring I’d like to remind you that mentoring allows you to make a difference in a child’s life but it is also a blast. If you’re ready to have an impact and have fun doing it, give us a call!

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