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Back to School Pool Party

On Saturday, August 4th, we said goodbye to summer break and hello to a new school year by hosting the annual back to school pool party at the Linwood Pool. We had 92 people attend the event and served hamburgers and treats to parents, mentors, and kids.

At the event there was a young boy who was just added to our waiting list and was eager to show me his expertise on the diving board. He’d walk out to the edge of the diving board and scream across the pool, “Hey watch me, watch me, I’m going to do a front flip!” Each time he walked out onto the board, his “front flip” did not materialize into much of a flip, but he continued the same routine again and again. He would find me, shout across the pool, walk to the edge of the board, try to do a flip and then flop. What I figured out after several rounds of attempts was that he wanted my attention. In fact, his performance on the diving board was not that important to him at all. What was important to him was to have someone to watch him, someone to notice him.

At the pool that evening I was reminded of what the kids in our mentoring program desire: They desire someone to notice them and to take a genuine interest in them. We are grateful for our mentors and the interest that they take in other people’s children.

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