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Letter from Earnest – September 2012

Wanted you to see some of what the kids have accomplished this summer.  We’ve been giving away watermelons, cantaloupes, zucchini, cucumbers, turnip greens, radishes and tomatoes and are successfully growing some exceptionally large pumpkins.  I am so thrilled with what Mr. Karber, Paul and Brian are accomplishing with the boys out at the ranch.
Because of a generous gift from the Moody family, we will be able to buy some young calves this fall and the boys will participate in 4H.  Rodney and I went shopping to finish purchasing furniture for the 2nd house.  We have two young couples interested in possibly being house parents.  We have yet to receive the license for the second house but the application will be submitted shortly and hopefully we will soon be taking boys in the second house.  Pray that one of the two couples that we are considering will take the job.

We are also excited that school based mentoring will be starting again.  Presently we are waiting to hear from the government on a grant we applied for pertaining to mentoring.  Please pray that God will grant us favor.  Rodney and the staff here at the office have been hopping all summer long with events that keep the kids in the mentoring program entertained and out of trouble.

We were sad to say goodbye to Karen Brouillette, who was our bookkeeper, who had to resign to care for her aging father.  I want to thank all of you because of your continued support we have been able to stay ahead of the bill collectors this summer.  Actually, we have done well thanks to you all.  We do need help with the salary for our houseparent for the second home and we need to get some fencing done to accommodate our livestock.  If you would be interested in either of these, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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