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Letter from Earnest – November 2012

Earnest Alexander

“This is my dad, Jerry Lilley. He turned 76 yesterday. I can never express how much I love him. He’s been an outstanding husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather and a friend to many. He has honored God at every turn in his life. I love you, dad.”  Written July 29, 2012

This was written to Jerry Lilley by his son, Phil.  I too want to pay tribute to Jerry Lilley, better known as Papa Lilley – a surrogate father to me.  He served on the Youth Horizons board for many years and he was an active partner in the work for over 30 years.  Papa Lilley took his trip to the Glory Land on Wednesday, September 26.  He will be missed.

I am so excited about our fall campaign.  Each year, we take the time to call and ask you to pray about helping in the coming year.    I want to thank those of you who rise to the challenge.  Recently, one of my staff members told me that there is a rumor on the streets that we are bankrupt and closing our doors.  I chuckled because it’s not true.  Thank God – with His help and yours, we remain debt free and continue to meet our obligations.

I want to invite you to the Christmas concert on December 3 and 4 at the Crown Uptown. I also wanted to give you an explanation for the price of the ticket. Recently, someone complained about the price.  They meant no harm, but because we do so many things for free it’s difficult when people have to pay to have access to us.  The Crown Uptown – along with their producer Matthew Rumsey and the cast of “White Christmas” – have agreed to give two nights of their talent to help us in our fundraising endeavor.  In an effort to fill the room two nights, we are selling tickets for $25.  The ticket price covers the show, dessert and helps to pay expenses and advertising.  I hope you will consider it a worthy cause to purchase a ticket.  For more information about purchasing tickets, please call us at the office.  Hope you will come and invite a friend.

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