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Introduction of New House Parents

The Massey Family

As many of you are aware, we will be opening our second group home at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch after the first of the year. We’re excited to introduce our newest house parents, Zach and Sarah Massey and their family.

The Masseys have lived and worked in inner city Chicago for the past six and a half years. Though they’ve served in a variety of ways throughout their time there, Zach says there is one area that stood out to them.

“We have found the greatest passion and fulfillment when able to invest in young people in very intentional ways in contexts where small numbers allowed for deep and impactful holistic development over time,” he says.

“We see serving as parents at the ranch as an opportunity to focus in the area of ministry we find most fulfilling in an even deeper way.”

The Masseys say serving as parents in a large house of youth who need a home is a ministry dream they’ve shared since high school.

We – and they – are excited to see so many dreams become a reality.

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