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Mentoring Update

We’ve had the opportunity this past month to spend some time as a staff with kids on our waiting list. Some of the kids went out to our boy’s ranch and cooked hot dogs. As you can see, the evening was a lot of fun!

It was also a good reminder of the need. As you know, some of the kids come from difficult family situations. There is a tremendous need in our kid’s lives, and in the lives of their mothers and guardians. One mother whose son attended the hot dog roast was so relieved for the help that she almost looked like a different person when we brought her son home again. It was a good reminder that what we do doesn’t just touch one life—it affects many.

We also had the opportunity to hold the first-ever Youth Horizons Karate Clinic.

Noah Holloway, former Junior Olympic karate team member, led the evening. The class went over several karate techniques, as well as how to do a simple throw. You can find more pictures from these and other events on our Facebook page,