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Letter from Earnest – March 2013

Earnest AlexanderThe following is a letter written some years ago to a parent by a boy in the residential program. It’s copied verbatim.

“Hi, Mom – I don’t know why you wrote me because you haven’t written me for two years. I don’t see a point behind it at all. Mom you tell that you miss me how do I suppose to believe that. You say you wrote me but I haven’t received a single letter for the past two years. Where have you sent the letters? Mom you say you love me but you don’t come to court to see me. Why wouldn’t you give up smoking and going out to bars for your son?

Mom, why do you say that you would love to see me? Mom why do you tell people at my school that I am retarded? I am your son I am not retarded. I do not have any disabilities. One thing I did lack was education because I was not taught well at the schools you put me in. Now, I have been taught better because one parent has invested in me his time, money, and love.

Why haven’t you wanted any contact with me? I have wanted contact with you. It seems to me that you don’t have the capacity to invest love in me? I was astonished that you wrote back to me. I wrote to you on Christmas but then I didn’t send it till a couple of days later. I know you got the letter because it was not sent back to me. Why didn’t you write me back? Why did it take so long?

Mom as you can tell I am mad with you. But, I will always love you no matter what! I want to see you but I don’t think we can because your RIGHTS were terminated. I wish that you would put some effort into wanting to be my mother. I hope that you will understand why I am mad with you.”

To my knowledge, even though this boy is a grown man today, he still pursues his mother. She did not care for him as a child and has demonstrated no concern for him as an adult. Because of your kindness and generosity, many children who have been starved psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically, have been loved, nurtured, disciplined and protected by the staff here at Youth Horizons. It would not be possible without your prayerful and financial support. I wanted you to read this letter and remember why you support this organization. We continue on and have begun interviewing boys for the second house. God bless you and thank you for helping to make that possible.

With gratitude,



Your friend, Earnest

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