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Letter from Earnest – May 2013

Earnest AlexanderHappy spring! I am grateful to God for all of you. I am well and continue to do well – I am in good health, have a sound mind, a heart fixed on Jesus, and a determination to finish this race well. No doubt, you have set your sights on the same goal – knowing and loving God and making His love known to others. In 30 years of ministry we have served a lot of children and single parents and that’s because of God’s love and generosity, along with your faithfulness and friendship. I have not accumulated any material wealth and unless things change when I die, there will be no great material legacy to leave behind. Like anyone, I would like to leave money to those I love, making their lives a little more comfortable and to ensure that Youth Horizons is well endowed financially, and with a great and Godly heritage.

Here’s a question for you: What will you leave behind? Does it matter to you how you leave your children and grandchildren? Does it matter to you when you are remembered, if people will be heard saying, “He did much good; she had a generous heart; they were very loving people; God was glorified in their lives.” Take care of your children and grandchildren. If you can help to make their lives a little easier materially, be happy to do so, but make sure they know that the real legacy you are leaving is a Godly heritage, a healthy fear of God and a compassionate love for humanity.

While you are making your bequests, perhaps you could remember Youth Horizons. If it’s in your power to do so, make the organization a part of your planned giving – now and after you’ve gone. All I will take with me when I leave Youth Horizons is your love and friendship and the good will of this community. If there is any material substance left, it will be long to this community as it presently does.

God bless and keep you all in good health, with sounds minds and a determination to know Him and make Him known.

Your brother,




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