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Letter from Earnest – June 2013

Earnest AlexanderDuring the month of June we celebrate fathers. It is right that we do so because in our country there are millions of good and Godly men, loving and parenting their children. It’s interesting that you don’t hear much about them but they are out there. I think it’s also interesting that there are still many boys and girls who are fatherless, who have never purchased a Father’s Day card and have no idea of what it would be like to have a father in the house. Many of the boys, whom I have watched grow up over the years – many of them having been fatherless, are now fathering their own children. With regret, some of them are not married but many of them are, and they are being fathers to their children even though they personally were never privileged to experience having a father. I want to pay tribute today to the men in the residential program at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch who are loving and parenting boys that they did not sire but they are parenting them and helping to provide for them as though they were their very own and to those men on the mentoring team, along with the many male volunteers who are standing in as surrogate fathers – thank you.

In closing, please let me make an appeal to you – the summer months tend to be lean. Signs of giving are already slowing down. Would you help us to get through the summer with a gift of any size, if you are able? Please also pray for us.

You have my love and gratitude,





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