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Letter from Earnest – July 2013

Earnest AlexanderI wanted to share a letter from a young man in the residential program

Mr. Earnest,

I am really sorry for what I did. I know what I did was wrong. I knew telling you the truth would not be easy at all. I am proud to tell you that even when I say I don’t think you love me, I think back on all the grace you have given me and say to myself “if he didn’t love me why am I still here.”

I am thankful that you gave me a chance to earn the money to pay off my debt and a chance to be loved and to be a good person. You have really changed my life while I have been here.

Also, I want to thank Mr. Paul because he always tells me his honest opinion, which sometimes I can’t handle. Mr. Paul has been a huge part of my Christian faith and my walk with Christ. He has helped me change the way I treat people and women. He is very honest, respectful, considerate and emotional human being. I love the way he handles my behaviors and actions. Also he gives me something that I really never had – a person who taught me how to have self-discipline.

Also, I want to thank Mr. Brian because he has not just been a house parent to me – he has also been a great father. He has put me in a place in my life where I make my choices – not anyone else. He has brought out the person who I really want to be. His wife has shown me also it is alright to mess up because everyone does, but it is how you handle the consequences after you mess up. She has led me to noticing that some of the choices that I make are stupid, but I hate making bad choices because I feel like a huge failure and I let his kids down.

I am sorry that I made a bad decision and I promise not to do it again. I want to make a promise to Mr. Brian “I will graduate school and finish college and I won’t stop caring and trying.”

This is my promise to you “I promise to do my best and make good choices to help myself and my family and to treat everyone with respect.”

Signed – Your son truly and forever.



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