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Kinloch Price Boys Ranch Update

It’s been a busy summer out at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch and the results are exciting to see.

The second residential home on the property—the Martin House—opened June 4 and daily life at both houses has been in full swing since then. Currently, eight boys are being served on the property, and a few more are expected to arrive soon.

On June 8, a group of men and their sons came out from River Community Church. They, along with boys on the waiting list and boys at the ranch, enjoyed a day of games, work projects, and lots of food. As part of the activities, eight of the men, plus a couple of boys, started and completed a pavilion near the lake. It will be perfect for picnicking and other fun events!

The boys at the ranch are currently building a fence for a church member who arranged to have them take on the project. Lead House Parent Brian Prahm says the opportunity came just as he and other staff members were brainstorming ways for the boys to build their skill sets and earn a little money.

“It’s practice in diligence to learn how to use the correct tools properly and work a long time,” says Brian.

“It’s a heavy job, but the boys are learning important skills, from learning how to mix the proper concrete for post fittings to demolishing the old fence to learning to use the proper tools.”

“We’re teaching them to use the tools correctly and effectively,” he says.

Two gardens were planted again this year – and they are both expanded in size from last year – as well as planting in the greenhouse built earlier. The pumpkins are starting to come in and everyone is looking forward to fall harvest. You can see pictures at

The goats we received a gift earlier this year are doing well. Shelters were built for them so they could escape the heat while outside the barn. We have three kittens that are well on their way to becoming skilled barn cats and are growing every day.  The chicken brood has grown in numbers and they are all settling in to the chicken house. We’re enjoying the fresh eggs collected daily as well.

Stacie James has transitioned from the mentoring team to working at the ranch as a case manager. The change comes as we are applying to change our residential boys home classification with the state. We will be able to help a wider range of boys at the ranch once all of the necessary steps are completed.

We are thankful for the opportunity to continue to work on behalf of these young men at the ranch. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

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