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Letter from Earnest – January 2014

Earnest AlexanderRecently I had a visit with a very generous friend from Iowa, Steve Risewick. Mary Lu and SJ have been investing the life of this ministry for several years now. Here are some thoughts he wanted to share:

God bless America.

Youth Horizons is being graced once more by finishing 2013 financially sound.

As supporters of Youth Horizons, we are very comfortable with the dedication, wisdom, and care they display in being good stewards of each dollar that comes their way.

Final fact…Our country’s tax laws still allow us to deduct our gifts to ministries such as Youth Horizons.

Wow…how great it is that 30-50 cents or more of every dollar that could be used in Washington can be directed to house, mentor, care, and change lives for at-risk youth in the Wichita area through Youth Horizons. What an incredible blessing!

It is a blessing to be a citizen of the USA. Our government recognizes that it does not heave the means or the motivation to help in some areas of life. As a Black American, I have been blessed by changes that have been handed down by the great courts of our country. The courts have given me the rights to stand toe-to-toe with all people. But before the courts were even created, it was a right endowed by God Himself. While the courts may be filled with compassionate people, it’s individuals like you and me who take that compassion to others. It would be very difficult – if possible at all – to do the work we are doing without your help.

The government rewards you for supporting us. If state and federal taxes are made easier on you because of your gift to nonprofits, just think of what God Himself will do since He is a debtor to no man. You are not obligated to give, but it makes good sense to give. The dividend you reap in this life and the next will more than compensate for your act of generosity. Let’s take this ministry to new heights in 2014. Will you help me?

With gratitude,

Your brother





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