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Letter from Earnest – February 2014

Earnest AlexanderHappy New Year! 

I trust that you have all recovered from your celebrating and you are as excited about the New Year as I am. 

In the January newsletter, we talked about the benefits of giving to tax exempt organizations. .In this article you will hear from a friend, Bill Mull, who through his business and family generously supports Youth Horizons.

Bill Mull and Tony Newry, Allstate Insurance Company

Bill Mull and Tony Newry, Allstate Insurance Company


Prior to choosing an organization to contribute to I like to see what that organization is giving back to the community. When I heard about Youth Horizons I knew nothing about what services they provide or if they were a trustworthy group to be involved with. Since I was asking Allstate Insurance to help in making a contribution to them along with my own personal contribution, I requested a meeting with Earnest Alexander and the staff to help me in forming a better understanding of what they were all about.

I was amazed at the different areas they covered, like mentoring young people with a need for help in their personal life. The area that caught my eye the most though was the [Kinloch Price Boys Ranch], built to house young men with a great need for guidance both mentally and spiritually. The love and care expressed by the staff to these young men is so heartwarming.

Knowing the staff invests so much time and effort in forming these young men into adults with knowledge and purpose in life, as well as the spiritual commitment given to them, gives me great confidence. These young men will be able to step out into this world with the tools it takes to be successful in any community.

I always enjoy the season of Christmas with the boys. They are so thankful for the gifts they receive and I cherish the time we get to spend with them at our annual Christmas get-together. It is wonderful to see each of them and be a part of this season of giving with them.

I gather many of the Allstate agents and go to the annual Christmas concert where we love to hear the voice of Earnest, the wonderful singers they bring to the benefit as well as the caring message it conveys.

Our commitment is to this organization is to help to provide the necessary needs they have on a daily basis.

Thanks so much for what you do for the youth in this community and for those special young men at the Ranch.

We very much look forward to helping Youth Horizons in the coming years.

Bill Mull,
The Bill Mull Agencies
Allstate Insurance Company

Thank you for the part you played in 2013. You’ve heard me say it before, but it couldn’t be done without you.

 You have my gratitude,

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