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Letter from Earnest – July 2014

Earnest AlexanderI am excited to write to you today about a number of successes.  I do want you to know that as I recall these memories with you, they are made possible because of the goodness of our Lord, the prayers of you the saints, and your generosity.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Mentoring Awards Banquet, with 165 in attendance.  The children in the mentoring program set more than 150 goals total to accomplish with their mentors this spring. Those included academic, life skills, and spiritual or service goals.

We thank Richard and Lorie Rumsey for underwriting the event.  Their generosity made it possible for every child to receive recognition for the goals they’d accomplished.

My heart was full as I listened to the staff announce the kids’ accomplishments.

On top of all that… I have found a way to motivate the boys at the ranch to take school more seriously. I bribe them! J You’d be amazed at what $5 can do toward the end of the week in motivating the boys to work harder in school. They only get $20 a month anyway. Each week when they have three or more days when they appropriately complete their school agenda, they get an extra $5. If they have four or more weeks in an a row in which they earn an “excellent,” then I either take them out to dinner or cook dinner for them.

Let me tell you…what money won’t do, a good meal and some one-on-one time will. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

I want you to know we are up to $625,000 in our campaign to raise $2 million for two new houses at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. We spoke with the Mabee Foundation and they told us if we were to raise an additional $175,000, we would be able to apply for a possible $400,000 grant from their foundation.

I am so excited! We are living in – and seeing – the supernatural.

What step of faith have you taken lately to demonstrate your confidence in our God? If you want to see the greatness of God, you have to be willing to take a risk. I’ll leave you with that.

Your Friend,

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