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Letter from Earnest – August 2014

Earnest AlexanderHappy August to all of you! And it is happy. We are all in good health. Our great God is faithful to provide for our needs. We continue to be challenged and inspired by our work and more than anything, with the help of the Holy Spirit we are making God’s love known to others.

By the time you receive this letter; almost a month will have passed since I hosted a dinner party out at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch and tried to invite some people who had not yet been exposed to the work of Youth Horizons. Out of the 54 people present, about half had never been to the ranch. We smoked prime rib, had Ms. Anita’s famous potato casserole dish, Mrs. Verna Riney’s pies, along with lots of other desserts from different guests. Can I just tell you it was a glorious meal?

Our efforts continue to try to raise funds, over and above our general budget expenses. So far, $656,650 has been given toward the expansion project. We are excited about possible grants we are waiting to hear on.

I am very proud of Rodney Bartlett, our executive director here. I don’t know if he will choose to spend the rest of his working career here at Youth Horizons, but I am extremely happy to have someone working alongside me who understands ministry. He has a loving and supportive wife – he tries to keep his priorities right in that regard – and he loves the kids we are serving. I hope someday he will choose to lead this organization.

I think about succession because I hope that this work will carry on after I am gone. Even if it doesn’t, I have enjoyed giving what I believe is my best in service to my God and my country and yes, to the ministry of Youth Horizons. Please pray about helping us with the campaign to raise the money for the next two houses. Then celebrate with me when at the end of the year our general budget and our expansion campaign are both successful.

You have my love and prayers,

Your friend,

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