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Letter from Earnest – September 2014

Earnest AlexanderMy friends – we have had the summer of a lifetime this year and yet is has been very difficult for us. There is tremendous cause for celebration but we also feel a tremendous sense of loss. Let me explain.

We are just past the one-year mark with the second house being open. It was pretty full for the whole year. Our program is a minimum of one year, but it can be for several years depending on the child’s needs and desire to participate in the program. We’ve just graduated a number of tremendously exceptional young men. All finished the program, with the exception of one. That young man did not fail, but rather was pulled out two months early by his family for personal reasons.

We pay tribute to Anthony, Trong, Malachi, Tyler and James. All these boys have been reintegrated with their biological families successfully. It is because of your prayerful, loving and financial support we were able to serve them.

We are now interviewing and taking in six more boys. While it is exciting, I confess it is intimidating. Celebrate with us, but please also pray for us. We put everything we have into our kids here and we feel a void when they leave. It is a better sense of loss when they succeed, but a sense of loss nonetheless. If you would like to be involved, we invite you to come alongside us and help.

Please continue to pray about the finances needed for general budget and the capital campaign to build the two new houses. Please don’t hesitate to call if you would like to know how you could help.

With gratitude and love,
Your brother,

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