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Letter from Earnest – November 2014

Earnest AlexanderDear Friends,

I hope you are well and that all the people that you love are also. I always start my letter off this way because I want you to know that you are loved, appreciated and prayed for. I know that some of you are bearing great burdens, going through hard times. Some of you have lost loved ones, some of you are in declining health for one reason or another, and still there are others of you who’ve just grown weary in well doing.  Please may I say that I understand. But we must press on. After a while we shall reap a harvest, if we faint not. Mahalia Jackson used to sing a song. The lyrics to the verse are:

“To smile when you’re happy, to smile when you’re sad
To look pleasing when mistreated
To be calm when you’re mad
Oh, be forgiving if someone abuse you
For the good Lord looks for such
Live right each day and smile on your way
It don’t cost very much”

Sometimes I feel very heroic and think I am doing my share, plus. Sometimes I feel like I cannot do enough. The real issue, I am learning, is motive. When you want to do something to help bless or encourage someone, do it. If an appeal is made and an opportunity to serve comes to you, and you don’t want to do it – you honestly just don’t want to – I think it’s alright not to. However, you might miss an opportunity to know and experience God in a more glorious way. Or knowing your limits, He may feel your resources are better used taking care of the needs of your family. Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord – remembering the good you do will come back to you. I am a witness to this. It will not cost very much.

With much love,
Your friend and brother,

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