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Small Beginnings and Lasting Impact

Melody, David, and JadenThings that start small can often grow and deepen, leading to lasting impact and changed lives. We were reminded of that truth this summer as a mentoring match came to an end.

When a mentoring match is formed, the mentor, protégé, parent and Youth Horizons mentoring coach meet together for the first time. It’s an opportunity for everyone to meet each other and set goals. Last June, David Suttle met his protégé Jaden, Jaden’s mother Melody, and Mentoring Coach Tim Rorabaugh for the first time.

David and Jaden hit it off from the get-go. Some of their favorite activities were learning karate moves, swimming at the YMCA, and learning to shoot a gun. David also committed to going to Jaden’s school each week to work one-on-one with him.

Melody says she saw a big difference in Jaden as the year progressed and appreciated how well David was able to work with him. Having no family other than Melody in the area, Jaden needed the adult support David was able to provide.

This June, says Tim, “the four of us were able to sit down at Spangles and celebrate the last year.”

It was also the chance to say goodbye. Melody and Jaden moved from Wichita to Georgia to be closer to family.

“Melody spoke of how incredible it had been to have David be a part of their lives,” says Tim. David also shared how much he’d appreciated getting to know Jaden.

For David, his match with Jaden was just the beginning. Last month, he was matched with a new protégé, 8-year-old Ezekiel J., and they’ve already begun to meet and form a friendship.

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