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2016 Annual Fund Campaign

Earnest AlexanderHallelujah! Because of your faithfulness and that of many wonderful friends, we’ve met our goal for the two new homes that are now being completed at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. The money has either been given or has been pledged from reliable sources.

Now we have the task of raising the money for the 2016 budget. A wonderful lady by the name of Harriet Price said to me one day “if you are uncomfortable asking, I am uncomfortable giving, so ask with confidence.” So I am. I am asking with confidence, with the knowledge that most of you know that our children are in trouble. I am sure that you know that most of the children we are serving are not parented. With God’s help and yours, we’re standing in the gap.

I believe that the salvation of this nation rests largely on the shoulders of the local church, but I believe it will be done through the hearts and lives of our youth. Our churches and mission organizations will do the praying, the giving, but most of the going and doing will be done by our youth. We’re trying to equip them to do that – not just across the world, but right here in our own backyard. All of the children we serve – my children and yours, whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and all the others – they all need our help. You may not want to go into the places we go, you might not want to contend with the battles we fight for these children, but you can empower us to do it with your prayers and your giving in Jesus’ name.

Would you prayerfully consider a contribution – it could be $1.00 or $10,000. Our budget for 2016 is $1,700,000. This will take care of the 32 kids in the residential program, kids in the mentoring program and the 30 people working on this mission field. Between these two programs, we are serving more than 200 kids per week and training volunteers from local churches to spend quality time with them.

Please update your contact information HERE. You can also share your pledge and gift information.

In closing, if you cannot give monetarily, please pray and encourage others to pray and give as they can.

With much love,

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