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Letter from Earnest: January 2016

Earnest AlexanderDear friends,

I am convinced that I have just finished the shortest year of my life.  Some of you have heard me say – “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”...  Saying goodbye to Mama, along with 6 other relatives and friends was painful.  Building two new homes at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch – doubling the capacity of the boy’s ranch and being debt free because of many of you – made it the best of times.  On top of that, God provided the staff that we needed and I am very happy about their potential.

Of course, I have to start the year with a challenge for all of us – the need for mentors persists, the need for residential beds persists, the need for spiritual awakening also persists.  Perhaps if our country could enjoy revival and the hearts of the fathers be turned back to their children, if those of us who are the people of God would confess our sins, ask for forgiveness and commit to knowing and loving God, He would forgive our sins and heal our land. I Chronicles 7:14.  I want to ask you what your plans are for this year.  What will you do differently?  Whatever regrets you have, leave them in the past.  Only bring your hopes into 2016.  Let those hopes be influenced by your love for God and your desire to please him.

For the last few years, as I drive to work in the morning, I’ve been praying  “Dear God, please teach me how to love you in ways that matter to you and help me to make your love known in ways that will be pleasing to you.”  Perhaps you can pray it with me for yourself and for me as we fly through 2016.

In closing, please know that we need you now more than ever and the work that we are doing has eternal weight to it.  Support and tithe to your local church first.  If there is anything left, please remember Youth Horizons.  If you can volunteer, we welcome you.  If you can give, we are grateful.  If you pray for us, we are indebted to you.  Happy New Year!!

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