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Letter from Earnest: June 2016

Earnest AlexanderSharing at a staff meeting at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch last month, I had an overwhelming thought.

So many of the good people working there took jobs with enthusiasm and commitment. They discovered during the last six months to a year, how extremely challenging it is to work with underprivileged and disadvantaged youth. I know as I look at them – that is, the staff – and as I listen to them, many of them feel they are in a war zone.

Frequently, it looks as though the enemy is winning. I think to myself, after doing this for nearly 40 years, how difficult it must be for these young people. They love Jesus. They want to make His love known. Even though we have worked diligently to help them understand what it is they are committing to, no words can adequately prepare them for the road to Calvary, the Via Dolorosa, the way of suffering.

That day at staff meeting, I shared with them that their suffering in this mission field is part of God’s plan. They can go all the way to Calvary, they can die to self on the cross of sacrifice, but it has to be done willingly. It’s not easy to succumb to the death of one’s own ambition, desires, and pleasures – especially for the sake of an ungrateful child who would just as soon spit and cuss you out as to look at you.

It’s easy to ask yourself, “How could God as me to submit to this for the sake of a child?”

It’s easy to ask yourself, “How could God ask me to submit to this for the sake of a child?”

It’s not for a child, but for yourself, your own personal being. It’s a clear picture of sacrifice that gives one an indication of your love and commitment to Jesus Christ.

Many years ago when we were given the original Martin House, I – along with several friends – found myself cleaning up cat poop from the previous owners time in the house. I was completely disgusted.

As I found myself on my knees cleaning up the mess, I realized it was worth it for the sake of the Gospel and the opportunity to share it with a child.

Don’t be discouraged in well doing. After a while, you will reap – if you faint not (Gal. 6:9). Please pray for us, and pray with us for our children. When you can, please give.

Your brother,

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