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Measuring Progress

“True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice.”
St. Francis of Assisi

Some seasons—more so than others – pass by with easily recognizable milestones. At those times, it’s easy to track progress and growth against the backdrop of changing surroundings.

Other seasons are much different. The mountain you are trying to reach seems perpetually out of reach and try as you may, it’s just not getting any closer.

Tristan, Matt, and Matt's family

Tristan, Matt, and Matt’s family

For the matches in our mentoring program, and the boys at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch – there have been both big and small milestones this spring.

Mentoring match, Matt and Tristan, along with Matt’s family, made a milestone memory last month. They spent time finishing at the Blue Sky Ranch and got quite the catch!



2016 Bingo Night

2016 Bingo Night

It was Bingo Night at the Youth Horizons office last month. The event was a good opportunity for matches to spend time together in a fun setting, with some great prizes! The evening was facilitated by the youth group of Calvary Chapel.

We continue to seek candidates for additional staff at the Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. We are looking for a family coaching couple, overnight staff, cook and a case manager. You can find more about those positions HERE.

The boys applied themselves well in school this year, and the partnership with the Valley Center School District continues. This year also marked the switch from street clothes to a school uniform. From all of us at Youth Horizons, thank you to the supporter who made that switch possible.

We are confident we will continue to see the Lord work this summer. We pray you do as well.

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