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Investment and Award

Mentoring Awards PartyInvestment what really matters is the way to leave a legacy.

That’s the legacy of Richard and Lorie Rumsey – a legacy that was honored at the Mentoring Awards Party last month.

Mr. and Mrs. Rumsey supported the event financially for many years. Their generosity helped develop the event and allowed it to increase in scope. Every year, the Rumseys would attend and enjoy meeting and connecting with matches.

Last year though, Richard was not able to attend due to health concerns. Just a few days after that Awards Party, he passed away. A few weeks after his homegoing, Youth Horizons received a check he wrote to cover this year’s party. His faithfulness in supporting the event extended even to the middle of his health concerns. A few months after her husband’s passing, Lorie followed him to Heaven.

The Rumseys lived out their belief that investing in people’s lives – what truly matters – is the way to leave a real legacy.

Making a markMentors and protégés were awarded prizes for accomplishing goals they had set earlier this year. Prizes were provided by the following sponsors: Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, Twisted Java Coffee Bar, Glow Golf Wichita, Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex, O.J. Watson Park, Fireshark Gaming, Chick-Fil-A West Wichita, Kwik Shop, and Taco Bell.

The event was held at Countryside Christian Church and was attended by 215 mentors, protégés, family members, and guests. It included dinner, a cookie contest, recognition of matches’ accomplishments, and a time to honor graduates.

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