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Letter from Earnest: July 2016

Is Your Name on a List? People Who Most Remind Me of Jesus

 Earnest AlexanderThis has nothing to do with money. It is true that all of the people in my list in some way support this organization, but their greatest contribution has been that of friendship.

 I’m a very rich man, in that I have more friends than either this article or the entire newsletter could contain. Not everyone can say this. There are countless millions who while away the hours in their ivory towers, wishing they had someone they could trust and talk to.

I want to assure you my list is just a few of the dear and loyal friends I have been blessed with. I’m taking the time to tell you this so that you will all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we now know as “Youth Horizons” has been built on the backs and with the hearts of these individuals—and so many more. Most of you probably didn’t even know that these individuals have played a key part in motivating me to stay the course.

From the 704 names in my current contact list, I wanted to mention a few who have taught me specific life lessons in meaningful ways.

Harriett Price reminded me that timid people are not good fund-raisers. Martha Buford taught me that prayer is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. Jeff Wenzel assured me that with God everything is possible. Terry Williams has taught me the true value of a loyal friend.

Some of the people who are on my list have gone on to receive their reward on high; others are still laboring in the vineyard with me. But greatest ambition for all of us still on this earth is that we would finish well.

Is your name on a list of trusted friends or of people you would suffer—and possibly die for? Don’t make it your ambition to get your name on one of these lists—make it your ambition to know and love God and you will make His love known to others. Perhaps when your life here is spent, someone will mention that you were on his or her list in a good and positive way.

In closing, there are a lot of children who need mentors, a lot who need foster parents, a lot who just need to be listened to. All of us need to be prayed for. If you can help in a monetary way—after you have paid your tithe to your local church—Youth Horizons would be grateful for your help.

Your friend and comrade,

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