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Letter from Earnest – July 2017

Recently I have been sending you examples of correspondence from some of the young men who have lived in our residential program.  I share these with you because I think that it helps you to know how to pray along with us for the kids that we are serving.

I find it hard to dismiss boys from the program and while you may find this difficult to believe it is a bit of a challenge for me to let them come back into the program.  Partly because the damage they have inflicted upon staff and property it is such that we have to work for months to replace, fix and sometimes even rebuild damaged property to say nothing of the wounded hearts.  But then we are reminded of the number of times that each of us has gone back to the Lord as how He has with mercy and compassion received us every time.  Now we can’t always let some come back but when we can, we do.

Thank you for all that you do to help us make those repairs, rebuild broken down walls and furniture.  Thank you for the prayers that you pray for our wounded hearts as we are frequently subjected to their insults and threats.  Some of the staff has even known physical assault but we stay the course.

Please read this letter from a 12 year old who was involved in over $8,000 dollars worth of property damage asking to be readmitted to the boy’s ranch.  Please pray for us and for him as he is given a second chance:

Mr. Josh & Mr. Earnest

I know what I did was bad more than bad, unacceptable. I can assure it won’t happen again.  The reason I want to come back is because it felt like a home there. Also there was a lot of support.  I hate school and the school system was fun and easy. I laughed everyday and had fun. I really just want to come back if it’s possible. You all felt like family. I don’t know what else to say other than I want to come back.

You have my gratitude,

Your brother in Christ,


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