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Letter From Earnest – October 2017

Youth Horizons is a non-profit organization. I think that makes some people think that this means that it’s okay for Youth Horizons to not make a profit. The truth of the matter is, the non-profit idea allows you – our supporters – to take a portion of your tax liability and direct it to a service that, if we didn’t provide, the state would probably have to take care of.

In a recent article from the Wichita Eagle July 6, 2017 – Business Perspective – John Dasher perfectly explains for a non-profit to survive it has to make a profit. Its profit does not go to dividends, paid out to our contributors, but is redirected back into the programs that we are trying to grow. I hope that you will read his article and that you will feel more comfortable when contributing to a non-profit organization.

Make sure that it is an honorable organization with regular audits and good accountability. Be happy when the non-profit you are supporting ends the year in the black because it makes it a lot easier to start the next fiscal year when they have a little something in the bank.

In an attempt to leave a stable foundation, I hope to see the endowment grow. No ministry can be dependent on an endowment but if could certainly be of great help to an organization in lean times.  If the Lord should direct you, we would be happy to have you consider Youth Horizons as you designate how your resources will be used after you are gone.

In closing, I would like to thank you for almost 40 years of support, I am sad to say that the need continues to grow as the numbers of children in Sedgwick County are having to leave their homes for many reasons. The rate of children going in to state custody  is alarming. With your help, we will continue to reach out to them. If you would ever be interested in talking to me about this, please give me a call 316-262-8293.



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