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Letter From Earnest – December 2017

God Bless you all!  I am amazed that I am writing you the last newsletter of the year for 2017. I want you to know that we have had a banner year. No, everything has not gone perfectly and yes, I have had moments when I wanted to walk away and not look back. However, God is still with me and has promised He always will be.

We are working hard to raise funds for an administration/education building. As you know, we have close to $600,000 raised and we are hoping that the Mabee Foundation will give us  $280,000. Leaving us $520,000 in pledges committed to Youth Horizons before the deadline on December 30, 2017.

On top of that, we need to raise our budget for 2018 bringing us close to $1.7 million, in hopes that at least half of that will come in through programs and the other half will be on the generosity of the saints.  Would you please pray about being a part of both of these?

Our campus is beautiful and our need for an admin/education building is legitimate.  If you would like to lend your family name in honor of a loved one or family – your gift of $500,000 would be an answer to our prayers and an honor to someone you love. I know that many of you have already given to many causes this year, and financially, it is hard for you to imagine giving again. We know and understand that pain, as all of us working here make very modest salaries; we work here because we love the kids and are called to serve them.

Please pray for us and if you would ask God to make a way so that you can give. If not here, to the place that He puts on your heart. Please always put your local church first and do not neglect your personal obligations. After all of that, pray that there will be some to send our way. I admit to you that this is a fundraising letter, and if you are like me, you can have fun in giving.

I pray that you have a Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.


With much love,

Your brother in Christ,






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