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Joshua M. was a former resident of our Kinloch Price Boys Ranch. Joshua left our program and pursued college and then the Military. He graduated boot camp in June of this year. He kept in touch by writing letters to Earnest and the young men at the ranch. Here is an excerpt from his letters:

“I’m so happy I had Mr. Earnest to push me while I was there. Listen to what Mr. Earnest says and you will be taught well. I never fully recognized the value of the wisdom I got until I arrived at Basic Training. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in things that don’t matter. Sometimes what scares you the most will end up helping you the most when you face up to it. Look at yourself very closely and think about the things you keep in the back of your mind; fears, memories, bad things people have said to you, trust issues, addictions, anything. It is your job to face those things head on. You have every chance in the world at winning. You have Jesus and your house parents – you have people who can help you win battles against your biggest fears.  I pray for you every day.”




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