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Laser Quest



On January 21, we held out first event of the year by hosting a fun night of Laser Quest. We had a terrific turnout with 70 mentors and proteges.

We are able to put on events like laser tag, the restaurant experience, LEGO extravaganza and other wonderful activities for our mentors and proteges in honor of Levi Hampton who lived life to the fullest. One of his motto’s was, “Whatever I do, I’m going all out,” and he did just that! He was a leader, instigator, opinionated, generous, and a loyal and true friend. Levi’s deep love for his family was easy to see. Levi joined the Lord in eternity on May 25, 2015, and in his absence, Levi’s parents set up the Levi Hampton Memorial Fund in honor of their son so we can have the opportunity to have many of our events. Levi’s dad, Matt is a mentor and we are thrilled to share such special opportunities for our matches with his family.

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