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A Letter from Robert – July 2019


First, I want to say how much I appreciate the overwhelming amount of support and encouragement many of you have  given me during this transition period. Whereas the past 2 months of transition have been very busy, it has certainly been an enjoyable and smooth process. The staff and the Board have extended a very warm hand of support and have welcomed me in the most sincere way. Needless to say, it’s been easy for me to plunge into the work.

I also want to express my appreciation to those of you who were able to attend the “Meet and Greet Reception” last month.  Every expectation that I had of the reception was met and your presence brought joy and encouragement to my heart. My desire was to start the process of getting to know you and to express some of my short and long term goals for the ministry.  I know many of you had scheduling conflicts and could not attend the reception. I totally understand, but have high hopes that your support, prayers and encouragement will remain.

Please continue to pray over the residential program. We are embarking on some exciting times at Kinloch Price Boys Ranch.  Our residential supervisors are working diligently to expand upon and enhance programming for the boys. Our goal is to keep the boys engaged in physical activity and civic service over the summer months and to make sure we are intentionally working to meet the goals outlined in their individual plan of care. It seems the Kansas foster care system is in desperate need of respite care for boys who are awaiting placement with a foster family or in a group home. Because the need is so great in our city, we are serving additional boys through emergency respite care by giving them a safe place to sleep. Youth Horizons will do it’s best always to help and support our youth whenever possible.

I will be engaging our mentoring staff in a strategic planning process to enhance our programming to better serve our families in the mentoring program. One of our strategic responses will be to create a parent accountability system. I am confident that we must increase the expectation of our parents to be involved in the process as we mentor their sons and daughters. Please pray with us. Our staff remains committed to the work of empowering and supporting our families on their journey to emotional and spiritual health.

Together and with God’s help, we will make a difference.


Robert Garner
Youth Horizons



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