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August 2019 – A Letter from Earnest

Grace to you and peace from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ;

The passing with each year of life has moved far faster than I have ever imagined. Yesterday, I was a boy playing in the mud; today I am trying to figure out how Social Security works. All of these years at Youth Horizons have been very meaningful because you have all stood with me. There have been good times and bad, but I have never been alone. The Lord is truly awesome.

Youth Horizons is doing very well after my stepping aside, which is a clear indication that you all were not giving just because you liked me. It shows that you have a heart for kids in trouble. Jared Holcomb, who I hold in high regards, has been promoted to Vice President and he and Mr. Garner are working together very harmoniously.

A couple of months ago Mr. Garner implemented a respite program and I am so thankful that all the beds at the ranch are being used.

The mentoring program as you know has been going for over thirty years in some fashion. More lives have been touched through the mentoring program than we could ever reach through the residential program. We thank God for Ms. Hayley for her leadership in mentoring.

I want to say in closing, there were a few things that I did not get accomplished in my 40 years of service to this community. I had hoped for a substantial endowment by this time and that the office building would be renovated and finished. Lastly, I had hoped for an administration and education building out at the boys ranch.  I know that the most immediate need is the renovation of the downtown building in Wichita. Sometime soon, I may call upon some of you to help me raise the funds for that project.

Please be praying for this wonderful organization, all of its staff, the many volunteers, and the kids that we serve. We so appreciate your partnership through prayer, time, and finances.

With gratitude,

Your brother in Christ,



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  • Dale Warren

    Reply August 20, 2019 12:26 pm

    Fond memories of spending time with Earnest at Expo 86 . . . Earnest, Time Raymond and the sound guy, whose names escapes me, stayed with us. Still enjoy listening to his music today.

    Congratulations Earnest on all your accomplishments . . . and enjoy your well deserved retirement.

    God bless . . . Dale & Donna Warren

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